For events more magnificent than life and for yearnings higher than the skies, we often need funds higher than our budget. When you need to fund your child's higher education in India and abroad or wish to spend lavishly on their weddings, a dream you have secretly nurtured all your life, or furnish your home with furnishings that you have always fancied or maybe that long holiday you've been postponing all this time, we are here to turn your dreams into reality.

Loanlelo meets all your personal financial requirements putting the lovely curve back on your face. At Loanlelo you needn't worry about any collaterals or property. Our range of personal loans is simple and flexible, designed with your changing needs in mind. Follow a few simple steps to help our team understand your requirements.


Home is where the heart is and if your heart is in a dream house, go ahead and buy it. Create that fabulous space of your own with's Home Loans custom designed for salaried individuals at an attractive rate of interest and longer tenure.

We also provide you with legal and technical advice to enable you make the right choice at best prices.


Property has since ages been the asset that has been put to the best use in times of need and crisis.

Your property is one of your greatest assets and you can also use it make your dreams turn into reality. Loan Lelo's Loans against Property give you the power to use your residential, commercial or alternate properties to fund your dreams. Why wait till eternity for the fulfillment of your dreams when you can use your property to a better use, while it's lying dormant?

What we accept as Property Collaterals-

Pre-owned Residential, Commercial, alternate properties (schools, hotels, hospitals, residential plots and industrial property) and loans for purchase of commercial properties Our Loans against Property come with attractive interest rates.


A recent swing from procuring traditional loans to Gold Loans is accelerating gradually. It lets one draw instant cash by pledging gold ornaments in a hassle free manner. Beating the short term shortcomings of cash and funds required for education, marriage or any namely financial problem, the power rests at your own home in the form of GOLD.

The highlights of a Gold Loan shine brighter than the other loans. Fetch a higher loan amount depending on the purity and the net weight of the ornaments and we ensure complete safety of your prestige. We don't demand any certificate of salary/income and no credit card history. Even an unemployed person can avail gold loan. Not many papers, no cumbersome procedures just a few documents and you're good to go


Need for expanding and growing a business is an imperative one. As an entrepreneur, one is often faced with the paucity of funds as the market shows its tantrums so very often. We know there are times when you may require an urgent flow of funds to finance your immediate needs to fuel the growth of your enterprise. Our business loans are specifically designed to furnish these needs customized with Flexi EMI options, which let you pay as you grow.

For easy, collateral free (for amounts up to Rs 50 Lakhs) and flexible business loans which are disbursed really fast, contact at the earliest.

Get your business loan in 3 easy steps-
  • 1. Check your entitlement
  • 2. Choose your Loan Amount and Tenure
  • 3. Submit your application online


Drive home the car you always wanted. For a quick, transparent and hassle free experience, take the Loanlelo experience which offers car loans for personal and commercial use cars or utility vehicles, both new and used. With flexible loan payment options- in monthly cash installments, auto debit, ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) or PDC's (Post Dated Cheques), our car loans are extremely easy to understand and process.

Our unique features:
  • No Income Proof required
  • Tatkal car loans
  • Agri-based car loans
  • Salaried/Self Employed
  • Loan for Commercial Use Vehicles
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Flexible documentation and quick processing
  • End-to-end doorstep service


University Education is no doubt extremely expensive and we believe no aspiring and worthy student should be left out without an opportunity to prove his mettle. We understand the education and admission process in India and in various countries across the world. On the basis of our extensive research, Loanlelo offers tailor made solutions to offer unmatchable features and service standards.

Banks typically charge a fixed rate for a certain category of students, but Loanlelo has a range of rates depending on the institute, co-borrower details, collateral security offered and the academic background of the student. We offer customized education loans delivered at your doorstep!


We also offer Machinery Loans wherein we sanction the loan amount for the purchase of machines, old or new. Our loans cover a wide range of machines and our turnaround time is merely 8-10 days for the processing of this loan. Once we purchase the machine, we withhold the invoice until the loan has been repaid, while the machine may be used in the interim. The average ticket size of loans provided to this sector is under 10 Lakh rupees.


It is quite hard for CIBIL defaulters to avail loans and credit cards. Personal loans are usually the toughest to avail for CIBIL defaulters since the risk is higher for the lender when it comes to personal loans. Being a CIBIL defaulter is not considered as a good sign since banks and financial institutions are less likely to grant loans and credit cards to CIBIL defaulters.

We provide guidelines to CIBIL defaulters to help them improve their CIBIL score and help to process their loans as early as possible.